Press Release: GSR signs a Charter Agreement with Solstad Offshore ASA, 3 October 2018

October 3, 2018

Global Sea Mineral Resources (GSR) has secured the Multifunction Vessel Normand Reach, owned by the Norwegian company Solstad Offshore ASA for its 2019 offshore campaign. The ship will be mobilized from Europe with the pre-prototype vehicle “Patania II”, support equipment and containers, before sailing to San Diego (USA). In parallel of the impact assessment carried by GSR in collaboration with Ghent University, the Norman Reach will work side-by-side with the German Research Vessel Sonne under the JPI Oceans project “MiningImpact II”. The aim of the consortium is to perform a State-of-the-Art independent scientific assessment of the environmental impacts, generated during the Patania II tests in the Belgian and German License Areas.  This experiment will be a first of its kind GSR is looking forward to this fruitful collaboration with Solstad Offshore ASA and a successful 2019 offshore expedition.